StrainMaster Controller

Successful measurements using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) requires accurate and synchronized data and image acquisition. The StrainMaster Controller from LaVision sits at the hub of our DIC systems, and provides complete control over the connected devices.

As a central control unit the The StrainMaster Controller has to coordinate all devices, such as cameras, illumination units, and AD-converter. The controller communicates directly with the software, from which the user manages the acquisition and evaluation of data. Fast data transfer to the PC is achieved via USB 3.0. The compact design of the controller allows the installation alongside the cameras and illumination units on one rail. In conjunction with a laptop this offers a highly portable measurement system, and moving from one location to another is easy with all components fitting in one flight case.

  • supports two Imager M-lite, Imager X-lite or Imager MX 4M cameras
  • integrated power supplies for two connected Imager M-lite or X-lite cameras and two LED illumination units
  • optional connection of a 24 V manual trigger or PLC
  • 5 V/ 24V trigger in/out signal (start recording sequence, sync)
  • optional integrated AD-converter for logging of load and extension data
  • optional integrated DA-converter to output live virtual extensometer readings
  • fully supported by DaVis 8.2 onwards and StrainMaster DIC 1.0

Product Information