Cameras for Scalar Imaging

For scalar laser imaging in gas flows in most cases intensified cameras are used. Image intensifiers amplify weak light signals up to single photon sensitivity, can detect UV-light and offer fast gating for short exposure times down to 5 ns. LaVision’s IRO lens-coupled image intensifiers allow easy upgrade of all LaVision’s cameras for intensified imaging performance when needed. LaVision’s DaVis software controls the intensifier settings for gate, gain and delay via our universal IRO controller.

System Features of
IRO Image Intensifiers
  • lens-coupling between camera and IRO for optimized image quality
  • intensifier can be easily removed from camera when not needed
  • maximum light detection sensitivity
  • IRO operation (gate, gain, delay) under DaVis software control
  • multiple IRO exposures onto same camera image (on-chip integration) for improved image quality

For UV-imaging applications with exposure times down to 1 µs LaVision is offering the compact Imager UV camera. The camera has extraordinary high quantum efficiency in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum and can be used without an intensifier for UV applications.