Underwater PIV

The modular concept of LaVision’s FlowMaster Underwater PIV systems allows a large variety of PIV imaging configurations for uncompromised performance. 2D-, Stereo- and Tomo-PIV measurements are realized using torpedo designs or compact vertical borescope setups. The submarine housings consist of high quality stainless steel tube components containing the remotely controlled PIV camera(s) and sheet optics. Hydrofoils cover the stiff vertical support tubes for minimum drag and wake. The laser and electronic components are accommodated in watertight housings mounted on the carriage above water level. The whole construction is CFD optimized and carefully tested up to a maximum towing speed of 7 m/s at a water depth of 1.5 m.

Underwater PIV
System Features
  • modular and flexible underwater PIV setups for several geometries
    realized with compact vertical borescopes or horizontal torpedos
  • time-resolved 2D-, Stereo- and Tomo-PIV setups supported
  • CFD optimized and tested submarine constructions
Underwater Stereo-PIV system
realized with vertical borescopes
Horizontal torpedos for underwater
cameras and light sheet optics
courtesy of TU Delft - Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Mr. Gunnar Jacobi
3D propeller flow field
measured with Tomo-PIV
courtesy: INSEAN CNR