Endoscopic (laser) imaging is commonly used for imaging applications with limited optical access in gas turbines, IC-engines and industrial furnaces.
LaVision provides a variety of endoscopes for visible and UV light applications, such as PIV, LIF and flame emission. Endoscopes are available for cameras, intensifiers and lasers.

Camera and Laser
  • camera endoscope for visible wavelengths
    planar (flat) image field corrected - unique from LaVision
    best optical components for high contrast and image clarity
  • camera endoscope for UV wavelengths conventional (refractive)
    quartz lens based for high UV transmission
  • camera endoscope for UV enhanced (hybrid diffractive/refractive)
    collects 50 times more UV light than refractive endoscope
  • laser endoscope for visible wavelengths
    30° or 60° angle, optional side view adapter
  • laser endoscope for UV
    37° to 60° angle, quartz lenses
LaVision camera endoscope (left) compared with a standard endoscope (right)