LaVision’s FlowMaster Micro-PIV systems are designed to measure flow fields on microscopic scales using dedicated microscopic imaging components.
In Micro-PIV the light sheet applied in planar PIV applications is replaced by a volume illumination of the flow, and the depth of field is determined by the numerical aperture of the objective lens of the microscope. For flow seeding fluorescent particles are used to remove the strong background light from the nearby surfaces. The fluorescent light is red-shifted from the excitation light and separated using a filter cube.
LaVision’s FlowMaster Micro-PIV systems support 2D-PIV, Stereo-PIV and Tomo-PIV measurements.

FlowMaster Micro-PIV
System Features
  • application specific selection of microscope, light source and camera(s)
  • Micro-PIV algorithm for enhanced signal-to-noise flow field imaging
  • fiber-guided laser light delivery
  • microscope operation under DaVis control
  • time-resolved (high-speed) Micro-PIV measurements
Stereoscopic Micro-PIV setup
Flow field around a moving 100 µm plankton recorded at 1 kHz frame rate

Product Information